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Bachbloesem Heather

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Calluna vulgaris


One of Bach's seven helpers.  
Prepared by the sun method.



Those who are always seeking the companionship of anyone who may be available, as they find it necessary to discuss their own affairs with others, no matter who it may be. They are very unhappy if they have to be alone for any length of time.


Twelve Healers 1936



We must steadfastly practice peace, imagining our minds as a lake ever to be kept calm, without waves, or even ripples, to disturb its tranquillity and gradually develop this state of peace until no event of life, no circumstance, no other personality is able under any circumstances to ruffle the surface of that lake.


Collected Writings p152



Heathers like acidity and tolerate wet, boggy ground and dry sandy heaths. They are most obviously found in mountains and moorland.


Chronic condition

The characteristic of the Heather people is that they worry over the troubles of others, not the big things of life, but the affairs of everyday. They try all means in their power to persuade or even compel others to do what they think right. Their diseases are often not very severe until towards old age, but they may suffer a considerable amount of inconvenience and interference with their daily life for years at a time through minor maladies. They are inclined also to be a little afraid for themselves if they get even slight trouble. They like people to be dependent upon them, and they take pleasure in feeling that they are being of use and help to any in difficulty. Heather people are often well-built and of high colour, full-blooded, strong in body and full of energy and activity, and are unsparing of themselves in exertions for others.


Edward Bach

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